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Online video production Melbourne : In 2010 our video production company was born; and since that time we’ve seen enormous growth in online video production and video marketing.  Why?

Are we so time-poor that we prefer watching videos rather than reading text?

Are we all now glued to our video-friendly smart phones to access information on the internet?

The answer is yes to both questions.

However, video provides more than just 'easy access to information' for customers and shoppers.

The human face, voice, emotions and visual movement are engaging, attention grabbing and inspire us to take action.  It’s human nature.

Video Production Melbourne: We are more likely to trust (and buy from) the owner of a company if we can see and hear them talk passionately about their product or service in a video, rather than read about it.

Until recently, this style of marketing was only available to businesses that could afford to to pay a video production company tens of thousands of dollars to produce a TV ad.