The process

What's involved in producing video content?



Pre-production is the work that gets done before the lights and cameras get turned on.  There’s usually just as much time in pre-production as there is in filming and editing.  The right preparation in concept creation, targeted messaging, storylines, scripting, interview questions, selecting locations, shot listing and scheduling ensures the shoot days go off without a hitch – saving you time and money.

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Depending on the production, your shoot days will include camera operator/s, a director / producer and sound operator. We provide professional cameras, lighting and sound recording to in order to deliver a polished video product every time we yell ‘action!’


After the shoot days we head to the edit.  Our creative editors work to your pre-production brief; weaving your footage with music and on-brand graphics to provide you with a video that not only makes you look good (whether on screen or within a team), but delivers the results you set out to achieve at the beginning of this process.

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Pricing is based on full days (8-10 hours) or half days (4-5 hours) for each stage of production.  We provide a bespoke production service and write individual quotations based on the work required for each video production.


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